Friday, November 28, 2008

who treats you with respect in nyc??

Hi, I am starting a blog for all you ladies who lunch in nyc and are over 40. Did you ever notice that we sometimes get treated as if we don't exist at restaurants, shops, boutiques, or even at the shoe repair?? But really there are so many lovely and friendly places to give our business to that we should all share our experiences each day and reward those establishments that don't seat us next to the toilet, or the wait station. Or the doctor that actually talks to us, not at us. Or maybe the clothing store where we actually have someone say hello can we help you. On this blog please tell us your experiences good and bad each day. We deserve to be treated with respect, don't we?. Do we really need to bring our 20 or 30 something sons or daughters with us to get that nice table, or that good service? If we share the places that treat us with respect we are doing everyone a great service. So join me and blog away ..... today. Remember this is not a b****y site, but one that is honest and truthful so we can all enjoy our wonderful life in nyc..