Thursday, February 12, 2009

hello out there people!!!

Hi to all my girlfriends who are not reading or responding to this blog. shame, shame, shame on you. never know if it is just shame, shame or just shame on you. anyway where have you all been these last 2 months????????????? I am going to write on this blog and tell you what I have been doing. I have gained 8 lbs from eating candy, nonpareils (from Evelyns on John st. if you want the best homemade fattening candy in the world) and pizza with my poker friends (pizza, poker and therapy is our alternate name). Just went to Naples Fla, stayed at La Playa. It was nice, but not the Ritz and you know how I like the Ritz Carlton. Always my favorite!! The hotel was southern veranda, plantation style. Food was fabulous and the beach was gorgeous, but cool. Little buggers that usually get me in St. Thomas followed me to Naples. I am truly not that sweet, but the sand flies, fleas?, always get me. It must be the chocolate on my skin seeping out!! I saw Obama's air force one on the tarmac as we were leaving, and was delayed as his plane took off. No security for him, however. So here is my question for all of you. I have had a cold or sinus infection or some such and took my bigger than 4 oz prescription cough medicine with me. There was NO PROBLEM as it was in a little baggy with my nail polish and hand sanitizer. So what gives, are they stupid, I could have had really bad stuff in there that should screeen for, no? Just because it was in a med bottle with prescription attached, duh, you think a terrorist might not notice that cough medicine gets by????? Next time, I want them to test it or drink it or something!! Does anyone have a good jeweler in town. I can't recall who told me they had a great place for repairs. I would appreciate it. For those of you who know my legal name ( not honest jo) I am on facebook where I have joined about 35 of my old high school friends. we are all reconnecting. so this is what we do when we get old(er?) speak to my ladies. I love you and need to hear from you, bore us please!!!!!!!!! honest jo

Thursday, December 4, 2008

beauty day in manhattan

Hi, so now you all have the idea. this blog is to be a resource, a journal, a witty and pithy commentary on life in nyc. So where are you all going when you rush around. Are your days just spent going to duane reade and the derm????? If you don't start sharing the good stuff and your thoughts (jokes are okay too, people) I will send you another virus in your in box!! So today, I went for a quickie ( too bad not the real thing, but a cheapo manicure) and the closest i got to the hamptons was the color of the polish--Montauk the end, is this mundane or what?? no, I will not tell you how many coats of polish i had or how long it took to dry. you all do not deserve such titillating information if you DO NOT SHARE!! Then I went to Gerard Bollei and had my hair blondied for an evening performance scheduled tonite at Cafe Boulud (misspelled??) and then would you believe I had it blown dry. This was truly an earth shattering day. Oh wait, I did go to Dr. Kip Dolphin, on E.72 st for my 6 mo. eye exam to watch my growing cataracts!! Sorry to report they haven't gone away but when I get my eyes done I will certainly make it worth my while and do them too. You too can write and tell us what you're reading, listening to on your ipod and buying for the holiday. have a great day . love, honest jo

Friday, November 28, 2008

who treats you with respect in nyc??

Hi, I am starting a blog for all you ladies who lunch in nyc and are over 40. Did you ever notice that we sometimes get treated as if we don't exist at restaurants, shops, boutiques, or even at the shoe repair?? But really there are so many lovely and friendly places to give our business to that we should all share our experiences each day and reward those establishments that don't seat us next to the toilet, or the wait station. Or the doctor that actually talks to us, not at us. Or maybe the clothing store where we actually have someone say hello can we help you. On this blog please tell us your experiences good and bad each day. We deserve to be treated with respect, don't we?. Do we really need to bring our 20 or 30 something sons or daughters with us to get that nice table, or that good service? If we share the places that treat us with respect we are doing everyone a great service. So join me and blog away ..... today. Remember this is not a b****y site, but one that is honest and truthful so we can all enjoy our wonderful life in nyc..