Thursday, December 4, 2008

beauty day in manhattan

Hi, so now you all have the idea. this blog is to be a resource, a journal, a witty and pithy commentary on life in nyc. So where are you all going when you rush around. Are your days just spent going to duane reade and the derm????? If you don't start sharing the good stuff and your thoughts (jokes are okay too, people) I will send you another virus in your in box!! So today, I went for a quickie ( too bad not the real thing, but a cheapo manicure) and the closest i got to the hamptons was the color of the polish--Montauk the end, is this mundane or what?? no, I will not tell you how many coats of polish i had or how long it took to dry. you all do not deserve such titillating information if you DO NOT SHARE!! Then I went to Gerard Bollei and had my hair blondied for an evening performance scheduled tonite at Cafe Boulud (misspelled??) and then would you believe I had it blown dry. This was truly an earth shattering day. Oh wait, I did go to Dr. Kip Dolphin, on E.72 st for my 6 mo. eye exam to watch my growing cataracts!! Sorry to report they haven't gone away but when I get my eyes done I will certainly make it worth my while and do them too. You too can write and tell us what you're reading, listening to on your ipod and buying for the holiday. have a great day . love, honest jo


honest jo said...

Hi Lulu, (and others who DO NOT SHARE), I have added to the blog see my latest post!! So tonite I went to a firm function at Del Posto. It was a trek from the upper east side and as close to NJ as I ever plan to get. It was at 10th and 16th and it was fabulous. been there twice both for functions. someday, if I dress better or get my face lifted, I might even try to get a reservation and see what the upstairs looks like as we were in the lovely lower level again. I had the steak, 3 times this week ( so many cows so little time), and sneered at the men who had the fish. NEVER eat fish out in large parties. I went to a wedding once where quite a few people got very sick from the fish. You can' get sick from meat ( only fat and clogged arteries, but at least there will not be vomiting in a hotel toilet??. So my hair still looked good from being blondied, see yesterday's post, and I wore a boring black (LBD) and a white cashmere sweater shrunken from the cleaners because I loaned it my daughter who get something red on it and there you go. Yes, I put on a little weight, but it really used to button.!! moral of the story, stop eating so much meat and don't loan expensive white sweaters to your kids!! Let me tell you about the women at the soiree tonite. Nice women mostly, but 2 of my faves were there. One , you know the type ladies, who looked my up and down, actually she is a shoe person, so she looked me down and up. Dying to ask if I passed inspection!!!!! Another one pretended she didn't know me so I refreshed her memory ( and think how I did it you who know me!!) But the best were the big eyed women who did only their eyes. what is with that?? Is it a layaway thing.? Never will I do it, I swear (at least not until next year's party!!?) So where did we all go this weekend. You are all not dead yet, let's hear from you. If you just read my stuff and don't give with the advice, restaurants, etc. you'll never be invited to watch my plants grow. love to all, good nite, honest jo ( looking for the other jo, where are you bjw?????)

another jo said...

I am here!!!I finally figured out how to blog (unless you don't get this). I signed up for a gmail account just to do this (not sure if I needed to do that either). As you can tell, I am not a wiz on the computer. I am doing this because I promised honest jo that I would and I enjoy reading her posts. I look forward to reading about all the new restaurants, stores and doctors that everyone uses. Where are you all?

Native Ny'er said...

Thank you for starting this blog-what a great idea! I too, just created a google account to sign on though I am not sure if it was required either.

On the Beauty Day theme-a good place to get relatively cheap mani/pedis that is CLEAN (read sterile) is the chain Dashing Divas. They are all over the city and they give every person their own emery board, buffing stone etc (that you take home with you)and then actually open a sealed pouch with sterlized cuticle cutters,clippers and orange stick right in front of you. This is a big improvement over the simple washing under hot water of these items that I have unfortunately witnessed at other places. Additionally, they have both you and the nail technician squirt hand sanitzer in your hands prior to working together.
If you go during the evenings on Thurs-Sat (I believe) you get free drinks (usually cosmos) and then on Sundays they have brunch food and mimosas to go with your newly polished toes and fingers! It is a good place to go together with girl friends but also just as fine to go alone.
I have gone a number of times and have had good experiences. The one thing to know though, is that they have their own brand of nail polish, so don't expect to use Essie or OPI unless you bring your own.

honest jo said...

Hi another jo and Native nyer. You and lulu are now my BFF!!! you have style and a great sense of humor. thank you for helping me out with the blog and comments. my daughter uses dashing divas too. I will look in my neighborhood for them. I know they have "sterile" stuff, but I recently learned to bring my own polish for toe nails as that is what gets the black death poison fungus first from polish. believe it or not. So I had another massage from magic fingers, leigh hansen at remedy massage today. you don't know what you are missing. hint: i get no commission by telling you thisBUT she used to work at a top spa before going out on her own. you save $100. using her. my neck was falling off because i do really stupid things to it ( like a new purse that looks like luggage) but in one hr I am ready to go out and hurt it all over again tomorrow now that the stiffness and pain are gone. try her, you'll like her!! Went for lunch with LULU at Atlantic Grill. rejected the first, teeny, tiny table for two adjoining some teenager girls (anyone under 25) and then sat at a big girl table and had wonderful cherrystone, and miso bass rolls. Fun to see all the bad face lifts go by too. One man had his forehead botoxed so he looked like a cardboard marlboro man, yucky. For flowers for your office ( or your secret lovers apt) try Robb Moss at Floraculture. He delivers and just sent those pointy red flowers to my husband and secretary ( I chose creme and red, red alone was too boring, like an old married couple, whoopsie offending even myself.!! Tonite I see Jerry Seinfeld at the baby buggy benefit, sitting in the third row from the ceiling because we chose only to see the show, the one on stage, not the one in the orchestra. I may have to bring oxygen with me, but my ears still work so I will hear him at least. Love to all of you, pls comment on any topic you like we will all enjoy the references and humor.

lulu said...

hello, all you ladies! I'm back!!!!! well, this was one of those eating days. Ya know how that happens you start out all noble, with the fat free yogurt and coffee for b'kfast and then lunge into a HUGE lunch - that's what happens when I meet honest jo for lunch bordering on 2:00 p.m. i almost ate her arm! sounds like a dish Jeffrey Dalmer would like.
But then just a few hours later went to the new casual (not casual prices just atmosphere) Daniel Boulud restaurant. Bar Boulud across from Lincoln center. Although you feel you have entered singles land with the full hopping bar scene, the booths - and they are all booths which is nice - have an elderly crowd, and i;m not kidding. so sitting and eating is in comfort.
second time there and good food - well, it ain't Daniel - but it was tasty.
Steak, frites and 10 lbs. later...It's time to become a vegetarian. they have something going there!!
Well, fatigue is upon me so...zzzzzzzz!